The Origin of Studio Dome Audio

In the fall of 2013, Mike Hightower, the bass player of the 44’s Band recognized the need for a small and affordable but quality speaker. While the 44’s Band toured they mixed music on their IPADS during breaks, between performances or listened to playbacks of their concerts. Software, such as Garageband, was incredible to mix music on the iPad; the speakers in the devices were not. Musicians needed a portable and affordable speaker that would replicate what they felt people heard during a live music performance.

Mike talked with an old friend from his days of working at Guitar Center, James Fox. James is also a professional musician and owner of James Fox Music. They determined that a business opportunity existed in the Pro Music dealer network for an affordable but professional grade mini Bluetooth speaker product, and they set about designing the SD|1 speaker. In the Spring of 2014, following prototypes, market testing and meetings with a group of investors who owned several small businesses, Studio Dome Audio, Inc. launched their first product in time for its introduction at the Pro Music Industry signature event Summer NAMM in July 2014.

Since the launch, Studio Dome Audio has focused on the Pro Music Industry, signing up major distributors such as St. Louis Music ( and multiple other independent distributors. In just a few short months the company gained favorable recognition for providing a premium yet affordable Bluetooth speaker.

Studio Dome Audio continues to develop cutting edge professional Bluetooth speakers. Launching a true wireless stereo speaker system in the spring of 2015, the company continues to add unique accessory items and next generation products.