studio dome audio speaker support

Advice for users experiencing problems with their Studio Dome Audio Bluetooth® Speakers

No or lower than expected volume

This is often the result of the volume being turned down on the speaker itself. You will note a lower than normal “power on” announcement as well. To fix this hold the ‘+’ button down when you turn on the unit. Hold it until the “power on” announcement completes you will also hear a “beep” when volume has reached maximum. You can also connect to an audio source and increase the volume using the ‘+’ button until you hear the “beep” indicating maximum volume. Note that the ‘+’ button on the speaker has no effect on the volume unless a signal is present.

Unit will not connect to Bluetooth®

  • Ensure Bluetooth is enabled or turned on your phone
  • Make sure you are selecting the “SD1” listed on the Bluetooth® device list on your phone (varies by phone manufacturer)
  • Make sure that the SD1 hasn’t connected to one of your other previously used devices in the home
  • Cycle the SD1 off then back on and try to reconnect

If none of these steps work, try selecting the “Forget this device” option for “SD1” on your phone or other device’s Bluetooth list, then repeat the connection process.

Unit will not turn on, no green light power indicator, or unit quit and green light is still on

  • Battery is dead. Charge unit per instructions
  • Cycle the “on off” switch repeatedly
  • Red light does come on when charging
  • Ensure plug is seated properly, unplug and reseat
  • Cycle the “on off” repeatedly
  • Try a different USB power source

Light is on, but nothing works, or light stays on even when off

The processer may be “locked up”. Turn unit on and let battery run dead by waiting until there is no light visible even when the switch is on, then recharge unit. This resets the processor, much like rebooting your computer when it gets hung up.

If still having difficulty, email Studio Dome Audio and we will be happy to assist you.


  Studio Dome 1 (SD1)