I played clarinet in the United States Navy Band, and I’ve always loved music of all types. When I’m working in the brewery, I listen to music on my Studio Dome Bluetooth Speaker. It’s just a tiny speaker, but the sound quality is pretty good.

Megan Parisi / Head Brewer at Samuel Adams Nano Brewery

I’ve demo’d it for a number of guys in the different bands I tour with. Without fail, they’ve all been pretty amazed by it, and complimentary of what they’ve heard. So far no negative reactions at all. I’ll let ya know what they keep saying. I hope that’ll translate into some sales for you and the SD1!

John Isley / Composer, Arranger and Saxophonist

I liked the looks of it as soon as I saw it and was surprised at how big and full it sounded. I’m really happy with how easy it is to use and I take it everywhere. I couldn’t hear anything out of my iPad speaker and this did the trick. Thank you!

Roger B.

As a DJ with a discerning ear for good, quality audio and a need for portability, I have found the SD1 and SBB2Bbluetooth speaker systems from Studio Dome Audio to be the best I have come across.

With just my phone, TV, laptop… anything with Bluetooth connectivity and the Studio Dome Products, I have all of my music with me and the ability to hear it with the clarity and depth I need, all at a very reasonable price.

Brian Glass

I love the rich sound of the SD1 and the compact size. I like the small footprint and it goes into my computer bag whenever I travel. Now it is my go-to speaker for travel, and when I sit out on my balcony.

Brian Mintz / VP of Sales of Phoscrete and Audiophile

As an accountant, I’m always concerned with the “thousand dollar question.” The value of these speakers made me sit up and take notice and I’ll tell it like it is: Get one, you’ll love it! My kids even think I’m cool now! I’m no longer the man who stepped into yesterday, LOL.

Mr. Palmer

Damn, these are frikin’ killer! Love them, the finish, the features, the SOUND! You should do well with these. The new design is super cool.

Rick Nelson

My boyfriend sent me some information he got on these speakers and they seemed like a really good deal. The sound quality is awesome! There was a helping friendly book making it easy to use and you don’t have to be rich as the King of Prussia to afford one!

Sarah M.

I first heard one of these speakers when I was camping, it was small but with an overpowering presence. I couldn’t believe how loud it was and the sound was clear and crisp. I bought two the next day and really like how they sound connected together–great for movies.

Gregory Wilson

I LOVE THIS THING! I take it everywhere with me!

Richard Tait / Co-creator of the board game Cranium

Sounds great! These speakers are real easy to connect with my iPhone.  The sound is pretty loud and clear.  Great quality and value.

I was pleasantly surprised about how good these sounded.

Mark M

As Nashvillian Meghan Trainor sings, it really is “All About the Bass.” Since I have an older car with a crappy sound system, I’ve been looking for a bluetooth speaker with quality sound, great low-end, and a full range of sound. Going to the stores, I just haven’t found one I liked. I heard the StudioDome1 and I was tempted to impulse buy (unfortunately, you can”t buy stuff at trade shows).

The little guy is smaller than a soda can and feels really solid. The subwoofer is strong and sounds much more full than you would imagine in a speaker of this size. I connected my phone to it and it felt like I was listening to a monitor speaker at the club – that volume and range of sound. For me, the sound quality is what I was mostly looking for.

Then, holding it, I saw that it also works as a hand free cell phone (so put it in your car cup holder and it’s all-in-one), plays SD cards, and has an FM radio. Another cool feature is that you can network multiple units to build a full home stereo system. Basically, it’s a portable speaker with a swiss army knife mentality.

DJ Ron Slomowicz / ClubPlanet.com